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After the past few years of escalating home prices and an epidemic that has made even spacious homes feel cramped, you’d be forgiven for fantasizing about moving your kids to a big country house.

One way to achieve this goal? When you convert an old barn into a luxurious apartment-style dwelling, that’s what you get. (You can also build your own house from scratch).

We’re as curious as you are about these non-traditional country homes. So, we talked to people who have lived in (or sold) these unique homes. Here are the main pros and cons for anyone who wants to live in a Barndominium

Pro No. 1: Rural lifestyle

All of the Barndominium owners we spoke to had similar ideas. If you’re looking for a simple rural lifestyle for your family, living in one is a great option.

“We often meet condo owners or builders who utilize rainwater harvesting systems or are always talking about gardening,” says Lauren Byington, a real estate agent and condo owner with Warren + Lauren. Many even have backup systems that include generators, propane tanks and alternative energy sources, such as solar.

But rural lifestyles go beyond sustainable living. It’s also a great option for those with lots of outdoor interests and toys.

“For most people, they choose to live in a barndominium because it’s usually in a rural area and allows [them] room for their hobbies and toys like woodworking, RVs and ATVs,” says Don Howe of Barndominium Life.

Pro No. 2: Less exterior home maintenance

Barndominiums tend to require less maintenance because they are built with weather-resistant materials (especially steel siding and metal roofs).

“Metal apartments are one of the lowest-maintenance types of housing you can imagine,” Howe says.” They don’t require as much maintenance as traditional homes and are much more durable than most stick-built homes.”

The metal used is usually coated, so you likely won’t need to paint or maintain it, or at least not for a long time. And unlike wood, metal doesn’t rot or attract pests such as termites.

Howe tells the story of a 30-foot-tall tree that fell directly into an apartment building.

“It popped right off – something that doesn’t happen in a traditional home,” Howe says.

Pro No. 3: Unlimited interior customization

If you like high ceilings and want the flexibility to customize the interior of your home, then you may just love the expansive floor plan of the barndominium.

“The great thing about your average barndominium is that there’s a lot of wide open space under a clear span of roof, giving you more creative freedom to do what you want with the interior,” says Realtor Zackary Smigel, who has sold his fair share of barndominiums. “I think it’s one of the best parts of living in one. because you can customize the interior endlessly.”

Con No. 1: Lacks storage (and privacy)

Having a large, beautiful room that takes up your entire house is the opposite of that. You may not have a lot of storage space or privacy.

“One potential downside to living in an apartment,” confirms Barry Gray, a carpenter and former apartment resident at Tool Square, “is the lack of separate storage for your belongings.” Many people also feel that living in an apartment reduces personal privacy because every move inside may be watched by one or more other residents.

Con No. 2: Noisy as heck

Ah, yes, the sound of rain on a metal roof; but at the same time, all the other outdoor sounds (your neighbor’s construction project, your child’s ATV) may also be crawling through the walls and ceilings of your beloved house.

“Because of the hybrid nature of these homes, they have the potential to experience noise levels that exceed the expectations associated with traditional residential spaces,” says Gray.

And those sounds don’t just come from the outside.

“Sources of this increased noise may include ventilation systems and other elements of the building structure that are not present in a typical home,” Gray added.

Con No. 3: More expensive than you’d think

Because apartments tend to come with a lot of metal, they cost a lot more than your standard wood-frame building, especially if you plan to build one from scratch.

“Some people even think Barndo is a cheaper entry point for building a home,” Byington says.” I haven’t found that to be true. If you’re using all-metal or mostly metal construction, steel and metal is a serious investment – more so than wood and traditional building materials.”

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